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About us

Our main focus at Zimify is to encourage and provide all students with a platform to increase networking, attain higher grades, a way of preventing mental illness, and lastly to give students a fulfilling university experience through digital means. We at Zimify want to simplify the process of gaining new friends, we want to break the ice and nullify those unforgettable socially awkward interactions most of us students have encountered. We want to close the gap between the virtual and real world for students.

We are a group of students working together to create a social media platform for students at different universities, we aim to create a hub for students to connect and communicate by creating beneficial networks and improved communication between Universities and among their students.

Most matching apps gives the experience of rejection to the user, which in our case is something we do not want or encourage, we also do not want our users to know about their rejection. We know and understand the psychological impact that could come with rejection during social interactions and thus have chosen not to show when a user has been rejected. The ability of choosing anything based upon anything material is not given to the user. Rather you match up with other students based on what you want to study, in this way we encourage students to gain better grades, to have an open communication and to experience genuine first impressions.

Company contact

Zimify has a market consisting only of students. These students go through the ebb and flow of wants and needs. The option of advertising useful things to students as means of easing their studies is something we have in consideration. If you are a company interested in creating a working relationship with us here at Zimify, you are welcome to submit your contact information in the field below.

Contact us

Get in touch with us by emailing us on info@zimify.se

Visit us:

Karlstad Innovation Park
Sommargatan 101A 65347

Mostafa Ismail

Founder and CEO
Email: mostafa.ismail@zimify.se
Phone: 076 239 88 62

Yasin Mohamed

Co-founder and Head of IT
Email: yasin.mohamed@zimify.se
Phone: 076 555 12 49

Adan mohamed

Co-founder and Head of Media and Marketing
Email: adan.mohamed@zimify.se
Phone: 076 594 65 84

Amal Qassim

Head of Operations

Email: amal.qassim@zimify.se
Phone: 076 590 10 13

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